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Tier 1 - Temple of Veeshan

Tier 1 Progression - Temple of Veeshan[edit]

Before entering temple ensure you have the quest- West Wing.. Pfft More Like Pest Wings, quest is obtainable from Grendel

Coming into Tier 1 can be a bit difficult. So if you can't tank the mobs, or heal you should use the tank bot at the entrance, and get a healer mercenary.

Note: If you are a pet class you can't have the tank bot, and your pet. It's one or the other.

In this zone you will need to kill 3 named dragons.

Telkorenar - None, just tank, and spank.
Gozzrem - None, just tank, and spank.
Lendiniara the Keeper - She dispells pretty often. You should use Little Buddy Confidence Booster 5000 too keep a damage shield on, and the other buffs it provides.

Kill, and loot then turn the quest in to Grendal to get your Dragon Infused Hero's Stone Rk.I Dragon Infused Hero's Stone Rk.I