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Sword of Experience-EXP Boost

How to obtain the Sword of Experience

Obtaining the Sword of Experience Rk.1 is simple, Speak with Yoda in the Plane of Knowledge and tell him that you wish to "Buy the Sword already" this will remove 1000 AA for the first purchase of the Sword. To increase the level of the sword and the Exp % you will need to turn the sword in to Yoda. *See AA Grinding Guide-Coming Soon**

Upgrade Costs

  • Levels 1 through 100: 1000 AA (100,000 Points)
  • Levels 101 through 200: 1500 AA (150,000 Points)
  • Levels 201 through 250: 2000 AA (100,000 Points)

Final rank Sword of Experience Rk. 250