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Prestige Items and How To

<How to obtain Prestige Items>

First thing to note is that when upgrading your charm you do NOT receive reaping points.... Reaping points can only be obtained by deleveling for the purpose of AA points only!

You will be unable to purchase Rk. 1 Necklace after releveling to level 70.

To begin the process located Reaper in Plane of Knowledge or Nexus and hail him/her/it. He will ask if you would like to earn some additional AA Points, you will need to follow this prompt. At the end of the prompt he will ask if you are ready to Delevel, You will lose all 69 levels and no longer have access to most gear stats unless you have prefarmed for them. You WILL have access to your item clickys IE Dmg shield from cloak, so make sure to use them to your advantage. **Note** This is the ONLY way to achieve reaper points currently.

Completing this process 200x will reward Rk. 200

Good luck, Any questions feel free to message me in game on Skeezi