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What does this item do? / What is this item for?

Bear Spray - Maximum Strength - Aim AWAY from face! - Resets the platinum cost for Cuddly Bear of Mass Rage: Click for Zone-Wide Aggro!

Tome of Power: XXXXX (i.e. Tome of Power: Veeshan) - You need a tome from each tier (ToV, Najena, Hole, etc) for your 3.0. They are rare and dual-wielding classes will require 2 of each tome.

Epic Gemstone of Immortality - Rare stone used to upgrade Earring of Immortality Rk. 1. You need 14 total gemstones to get the complete earring. The gemstones are also used to create Perspective of an Immortal and Earring of the Overlord Rk. 1. Stones and the Perspective are then used to create Overlords Anguish Stone, which will upgrade the Overlord earring.