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BLING BLING: Ring of the Rainmaker (50x Plat buff!)

Quick Overview- Ring of Rainmaker grants you a buff of up to 50x plat buff and a chance at Moneybags worth 4800 or 9400 plat!**

To obtain ring seek out Mr. Moneybags in Plane of Knowledge, Hail him and talk to him about the "Special Ring" he will open up 3 options, one is Show the Upgrade Cost, Learn more about the Ring and JUST BUY IT ALREADY.

Initial cost to purchase ring is 1000 AA Points Increasing as you upgrade the ranks and costs are as follows:

  • Ranks 1 through 20: 1000 AA Points
  • Ranks 21 through 30: 1250 AA Points
  • Ranks 31 through 40: 1500 AA Points
  • Ranks 41 through 49: 1750 AA Points
  • Rank 50: 2000 AA Points

Final turn in will award Bling BlingĀ : Ring of the Rainmaker