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Equipment List

Icon Name Item type
Arrow Arrow
Arrow of Contagion Arrow
Arrow of Fire Arrow
Arrow of Lightning Arrow
Arrow of Poison Arrow
Arrow of Stunning Arrow
Black Wolf Skin Combinable
Bloodstone Combinable
Bloodstone Ring Jewelry
Blue Diamond Combinable
Brick of Crude Iron Ore Gems
Brittle Oleander Combinable
Bronze Battle Axe 1HS
Bronze Knuckles Martial
Bronze Mace 1HB
Bronze Short Sword 1HS
Brownie Brain Gems
Brownie Leg Gems
Brownie Parts Combinable
Brownie Torso Combinable
Carnelian Combinable
Ceremonial Battle Bracer Armor
Ceremonial Battle Breastplate Armor
Ceremonial Battle Gauntlets Armor
Ceremonial Battle Greaves Armor
Ceremonial Battle Helm Armor
Ceremonial Battle Vambraces Armor
Ceremonial Rogue Bracer Armor
Ceremonial Rogue Chestplate Armor
Ceremonial Rogue Gauntlets Armor
Ceremonial Rogue Greaves Armor
Ceremonial Rogue Vambraces Armor
Chunk of Meat Food
Coarse Silk Gems
Complex Etched Rune Combinable
Complex Gold Gem Dusted Rune Combinable
Complex Platinum Silvered Rune Combinable
Complex Velium Embossed Rune Combinable
Complex Velium Silvered Rune Combinable
Consigned Bite of the Shissar I Potion
Copper Amulet Jewelry
Crude Animal Pelt Gems
Crude Binding Powder Combinable
Crude Silk Gems
Enameled Gargoyle Eye Gems
Exquisite Embossed Rune Combinable
Exquisite Etched Rune Combinable
Exquisite Gold Embossed Rune Combinable
Exquisite Platinum Etched Rune Combinable
Fine Steel Dagger Piercing
Fine Steel Long Sword 1HS
Fine Steel Rapier Piercing
Fine Steel Scimitar 1HS
Fine Steel Short Sword 1HS
Fine Steel Spear Piercing
Fish Scales Combinable
Flake of Gold Leaf Gems
Flawed Animal Pelt Gems
Fool's Gold Stein 1HB
Fresh Fish Food
Fulginate Ore Gems
Golden Earring Jewelry
Grade B Gormar Venom Combinable
Grade C Larkspur Extract Combinable
Grade D Muscimol Extract Combinable
Grade E Larkspur Extract Combinable
Grade E Nigriventer Venom Combinable
Grade E Oleander Extract Combinable
Halfling Brain Gems
Immaculate Animal Pelt Combinable
Iridium Ore Gems
Iron Ore Gems
Jasper Combinable
Jumjum Stalk Food
Kyv Balm Gems
Kyv Bow Archery
Kyv Cam Gems
Kyv String Gems
Large Ruby Gems
Low Quality Wolf Skin Combinable
Lupine Runed Armband Armor
Malleable Loam Gems
Mangled Animal Pelt Gems
Mead Alcohol
Onyx Combinable
Parrying Dagger Shield
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 23 Combinable
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 23 Combinable
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 24 Combinable
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 24 Combinable
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 26 Combinable
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 26 Combinable
Pile of Gravel Combinable
Piranha Tooth Combinable
Plague Rat Tail Gems
Pumpkin Flesh Combinable
Rat Whiskers Combinable
Raw Stiff Hide Combinable
Rivervale Trout Food
Rough Animal Pelt Gems
Rough Silk Gems
Rubicite Ore Gems
Ruined Animal Pelt Gems
Ruined Wolf Pelt Combinable
Rune of Falhalem Combinable
Rune of Nagafen Combinable
Rune of Periphery Combinable
Rune of Substance Combinable
Rusty Dagger Piercing
Rusty Dagger Piercing
Rusty Long Sword 1HS
Rusty Short Sword 1HS
Rusty Shortened Spear Piercing
Rusty Spear Piercing
Sapphire Combinable
Semi Precious Stone Chunk Gems
Serpent Insignia Collar Armor
Short Sword 1HS
Short Sword* 1HS
Silver Earring Jewelry
Silver Ring Jewelry
Silver Ring Jewelry
Silvril Ore Gems
Small Buckler Shield
Small Leather Belt Armor
Small Leather Cloak Armor
Small Leather Skullcap Armor
Small Leather Sleeves Armor
Small Leather Wristbands Armor
Small Round Shield Shield
Spear Piercing
Squad Ring Jewelry
Squad Ring Jewelry
Star Rose Quartz Combinable
Sullied Animal Pelt Gems
Sullied Silk Gems
Sunshard Dust Combinable
Sunshard Pebble Combinable
Symbol of the Kyv Gems
Tacky Silk Gems
Tacky Spinneret Fluid Gems
Tattered Animal Pelt Gems
Thalium Ore Gems
Thick Silk Gems
Throwing Knife Throwing
Tin Ore Gems
Weak Gormar Venom Combinable
Weak Larkspur Extract Combinable
Weak Muscimol Extract Combinable
Weak Nigriventer Venom Combinable
Weak Oleander Extract Combinable
Wolf Meat Combinable
Words of Derivation Combinable
Words of Dissolution Combinable
Words of Eradication Combinable
Words of Possession Combinable
Words of Reviviscence Combinable
Words of Spirit Combinable
Words of Tyranny Combinable
Words of the Element Combinable
Words of the Sentient (Azia) Combinable
Words of the Spoken Combinable