Succor point : X (-2515) Y (767) Z (-647)

Equipment List

Icon Name Item type
Aged Muramite Etched Scales Combinable
Aneuk Healer's Crystals Combinable
Aneuk Spirit Beads Combinable
Aneuk Spirit Powder Combinable
Aneuk Tongue Gems
Band of Dark Auras Armor
Barbed Arrow Tip Combinable
Barbed Spear Tip Combinable
Battle Worn Plate Segment Gems
Blackened Bowstring Warbow Archery
Blade of Dark Rituals 1HS
Bloody Bowstring Warbow Combinable
Blue Diamond Combinable
Brick of Crude Iron Ore Gems
Broken Mastruq's Blade Combinable
Broken Shard of Chaos Augmentation
Bulwark of the Blind Eye Shield
Card of Bristlebane Combinable
Ceremonial Cowl Combinable
Chaos Runes Gems
Chaotic Black Scimitar 1HS
Chunk of Discordian Rock Combinable
Cobalt Ore Gems
Complex Gold Gem Dusted Rune Combinable
Complex Platinum Gem Dusted Rune Combinable
Consigned Bite of the Shissar XI Potion
Consigned Bite of the Shissar XII Potion
Cracked Noc Hoof Combinable
Curzon Combinable
Dark Ikaav Heart Combinable
Dented Shoulderguards Combinable
Depleted Wand of Golem Control Gems
Diamond Combinable
Dirty Vellum Combinable
Ebony Talon Combinable
Elaborate Adept's Crystal Armor
Elaborate Binding Powder Combinable
Elaborate Combatant's Crystal Armor
Embalmed Eye Augmentation
Empty Hunter's Quiver Combinable
Enameled Gargoyle Eye Gems
Etched Signet Combinable
Ethereal Bijou Augmentation
Excellent Animal Pelt Gems
Excellent Marrow Gems
Excellent Silk Gems
Excellent Spinneret Fluid Gems
Exquisite Gem Dusted Rune Combinable
Exquisite Gold Gem Dusted Rune Combinable
Exquisite Platinum Gem Dusted Rune Combinable
Exquisite Velium Gem Dusted Rune Combinable
Eye of an Ikaav Combinable
Femur of a Trusik Combinable
Fifth Fragment of the Left Eye Gems
Fine Animal Pelt Gems
Fine Caladium Combinable
Fine Delphinium Combinable
Fine Laburnum Combinable
Fine Larkspur Combinable
Fine Muscimol Combinable
Fine Oleander Combinable
Fine Privit Combinable
Fine Silk Gems
Finely Crafted Warbow Combinable
Fire Emerald Combinable
Fire Opal Combinable
First Fragment of the Left Eye Gems
Flake of Gold Leaf Gems
Flake of Lodestone Combinable
Flame of Fennin Combinable
Flawless Animal Pelt Gems
Flawless Silk Gems
Flawless Spinneret Fluid Gems
Forgotten Greatstaff 2HB
Fourth Fragment of the Left Eye Gems
Frayed War-Muzzle Combinable
Fresh Caladium Combinable
Fresh Delphinium Combinable
Fresh Laburnum Combinable
Fresh Muscimol Combinable
Fresh Oleander Combinable
Fresh Privit Combinable
Fused Loam Gems
Gemstone of Intellect Augmentation
Girdle of Clear Vision Armor
Glowing Hammer of Disdain 1HB
Glyph of Souls Augmentation
Grimy Fine Runic Parchment Combinable
Grubby Fine Vellum Combinable
Hand of an Ikaav Combinable
Harmonagate Gems
High Quality Ra'Tuk Brute Hide Combinable
Honed Trinket of Protection Armor
Hooked Scale Necklace Armor
Hoop of Tormented Magic Armor
Ikaav Flesh Combinable
Ikaav Tongue Gems
Impervious Scales Combinable
Intricate Binding Powder Combinable
Irestone of Sharp Sight Armor
Iridescent Scales Combinable
Ixt Broken Hoof Combinable
Ixt Tongue Gems
Jewel of Focus Augmentation
Kyv Balm Gems
Kyv Bow Archery
Kyv Cam Gems
Kyv String Gems
Kyv Tongue Gems
Lucidem Combinable
Lupine Runed Armband Armor
Lute of Ill Harmony Stringed Instrument
Mace of the Dark Realm 1HB
Mangled Ixt Tail Combinable
Mangled Trusik Flesh Combinable
Mask of the Chaotic Void Armor
Mask of the Sacred Evil Armor
Mastruq Focusing Staff Combinable
Mastruq Tongue Gems
Mastruq's Broken Facemask Combinable
Mastruq's Broken Ribcage Gems
Mastruq's Spiked Armguards Gems
Maul of Stonemending 2HB
Meldstone Combinable
Misshapen Chestplate Armor
Muramite Bile Sack Combinable
Muramite Boot Armor Gems
Muramite Bracer Armor Gems
Muramite Glove Armor Gems
Muramite Helm Armor Gems
Muramite Sleeve Armor Gems
Noc Tongue Gems
Obsidian Orb of Bedlam Augmentation
Orb of Trushar's Breath Augmentation
Ornamental Shoulder Dressing Combinable
Part of Toharon's Memoir Pg. 21 Combinable
Part of Toharon's Memoir Pg. 21 Combinable
Part of Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 107 Combinable
Part of Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 107 Combinable
Part of Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 118 Combinable
Petite Pale Fear Shard Gems
Pile of Gravel Combinable
Platinum Gem Dusted Rune Combinable
Poisoned Arrowhead Combinable
Poisoned Spear Blade Combinable
Prestidigitase Gems
Prism of Dark Hues Armor
Quality Ra'Tuk Brute Hide Combinable
Ra'Tuk Tongue Gems
Ra'Tuk Warrior's Blade Combinable
Ra'Tuk Warrior's Scalp Combinable
Raw Amber Nihilite Combinable
Raw Crimson Nihilite Combinable
Raw Indigo Nihilite Combinable
Raw Infused Dark Matter Combinable
Raw Shimmering Nihilite Combinable
Refined Grade A Gormar Venom Combinable
Refined Grade A Nigriventer Venom Combinable
Refined Grade AA Gormar Venom Combinable
Refined Grade AA Nigriventer Venom Combinable
Refined Grade AA Taipan Venom Combinable
Rhenium Ore Gems
Riftbreaker's Binding Gems
Ring of Chaotic Vision Armor
Ring of Perfect Sight Armor
Rotting Fang Combinable
Ruby Combinable
Ruined Ixt Hide Gems
Rune of Coruscation Gems
Rune of Gale Combinable
Rune of Impulse Combinable
Rune of Opposition Combinable
Rune of Prexus Combinable
Sample of Highland Sludge Combinable
Sandstone Effigy Gems
Sapphire Combinable
Scale Ore Combinable
Scarred Flesh Belt Armor
Second Fragment of the Left Eye Gems
Semi Precious Stone Chunk Gems
Serpent Insignia Collar Armor
Serpent's Girdle Armor
Serpentine Tail Combinable
Severed Ikaav Head Gems
Severed Noc Tail Combinable
Shabby Runic Vellum Combinable
Shaped Shimmering Nihilite Combinable
Shimmering Aligned Ore Combinable
Sixth Fragment of the Left Eye Gems
Skull of a Trusik Gems
Smudged Runic Parchment Combinable
Soluble Loam Gems
Spiked Metal Wristguards Combinable
Star Ruby Combinable
Staurolite Gems
Stone of Dark Health Augmentation
Stone of Portal Calling Augmentation
Strange Twisted Torque Combinable
Sunshard Ore Combinable
Sunshard Powder Combinable
Superb Animal Pelt Gems
Superb Silk Gems
Superb Spinneret Fluid Gems
Symbol of the Kyv Gems
Taaffeite Gems
Taelosian Mountain Tea Leaves Combinable
Taelosian Mountain Wheat Combinable
Third Fragment of the Left Eye Gems
Titanium Ore Gems
Torn Eye Stitches Combinable
Totem of Elitist Rites Armor
Totem of the Sightless Armor
Trinket of the Archfiends Augmentation
Trushar's Guard Shield
Trusik Blood Combinable
Trusik Necklace of Destruction Armor
Trusik Toes Combinable
Tungsten Ore Gems
Ukun Hide Combinable
Ukun Summoning Idol Combinable
Ukun Tongue Gems
Uncut Alexandrite Combinable
Uncut Amethyst Combinable
Uncut Black Sapphire Combinable
Uncut Combine Star Combinable
Uncut Demantoid Combinable
Uncut Goshenite Combinable
Uncut Jacinth Combinable
Uncut Morganite Combinable
Uncut Rubellite Combinable
Undamaged Noc Fang Gems
Velium Gem Dusted Rune Combinable
Velium Gemmed Rune Combinable
Venomous Secretions Combinable
Versluierd Fungus Combinable
Vial of Black Poison Combinable
Wand of Golem Control Gems
Words of Anguish Combinable
Words of Aptitude Combinable
Words of Banshee Combinable
Words of Constancy Combinable
Words of Distress Combinable
Words of Intent Combinable
Words of Obliteration Combinable
Words of Recall Combinable
Words of Recourse Combinable
Words of Stimulation Combinable
Words of Voiding Combinable
Writ of Quellious Combinable