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Tier 6 - Kael

Kael- Ahh The easy part! (Only kidding) Nows the time to start bringing your A-Game! Bosses have a TON of HP! and hit REALLY hard compared to MPG! Kael is simple (Kinda) Kill 6 bosses loot their items and combine in Assembly kit and turn into Borat. You will need the following items:

Mindset of Tormax- From King Tormax

Sensibility of Keldor - From Keldor Dek'Torek

Viewpoint of The Vindicator- From Derakor The Vindicator!

Statue of Rallos Zek- From Statue of Rallos Zek- He spawns the Idol

Temperament of the Idol- From Idol of Rallos Zek- He spawns Avatar of War

Attitude of Avatar- From Avatar of War

Combine all 6 in assembly kit to create a Mixed Bag of Opinions!

Turn in bag to Borat to recieve a new pair of SUNGLASSES! They'll give you a whole new PERSPECTIVE on Kael! :)