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Tier 5 - Proving Grounds

Tier 5 Progression - Muramite Proving Grounds[edit]

This zone is HUGE so be ready for alot of running or use of warp, If using warp please be aware of other players that may be fighting in this zone.) This zone is VERY straight forward other than the fact that its a GIANT MAZE. Your only objective is to collect 6 runes from the 6 bosses that inhabit this zone upon completetion you will receive the Earring of Immortality

The following bosses you will need are :[edit]

  • Lieutenant Vhalek -Drops "Mastery of Mind Rune"- Vhalek is one of the hardests bosses you have faced Make sure to pick up Purification Stone before engaging this boss. It is group AOE for 100 yards and will purge the mana drain from mercs/clerics!
  • Stormer- Tank and spank - Drops "Mastery of Arcana Rune"
  • Cadavor Fonidan- Tank and spank - Drops "Mastery of Body Rune"
  • Neuromancer Vionne - Tank and Spank- Drops "Mastery of Power Rune"
  • Diodite Bluespark - Tank and Spank with Flurry- Drops "Mastery of the Realms Rune"
  • Strategist Kin'Muram -Tank and Spank - Drops "Mastery of Tactics"

Combine all 6 inside assembly kit and turn in finished product to Borat to recieve your Earring of Immortality Rk.1, To upgrade this you will need 1xGemstone of Immortality combine that with Earring in assembly kit to recieve Earring of Immortality Rk.2, etc etc.

Recipe :: Progression Seal: Mastery of All

Link to Placeholder location[edit]