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Tier 3 - Najena

Najena Tier 3[edit]

Notable Items/Progression[edit]
  1. 2.0 Epic Enhancement Aug/Tier 3 Progression (Obtained from Najena zone NOTE- DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ATTACK NAJENA, She is not a boss to be trifled with!)
Progression Items Needed[edit]
  1. Page of Earth
  2. Page of Water
  3. Page of Fire
  4. Page of Wind

They drop from any NPC other than Najena in the zone. All trash mobs have an equal chance to drop the pages, I personally have found the bosses to have a greater chance of dropping pages but that may have just been by luck. Pages look like research pages but are not stackable. (Only pages that I have seen in the zone that are not stackable atleast) *** Note- You must be level 70 and Tier 2 flagged to begin collecting pages) This also completes your Tier 3 Progression! ** Dual Wield classes should complete 2 charms as you can use 2 of them**

Turn in to Borat in Najena to get your character flag, and Aug.