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Setting up your client

Setting up your client

1. Obtain a copy of EverQuest Rain of Fear 2[edit]

Start by downloading the downloader: http://tinyurl.com/rof2dl
In the zip file will contain a client_download.bat - you can run this as Administrator to start downloading the client files

2. EverQuest Deployment[edit]

Once this is done you will have a folder named everquest_rof2, rename/store it where you want

3. Download Profusion Server Files[edit]

these are dynamic links, and will update periodically, so make sure to re-download after a patch, or every few weeks.)
Extract these two zipped files into your main everquest directory

Or use the patcher (Put in your eq dir)

Extract these two zipped files into your main everquest directory

4. Create a forum account and loginserver account.[edit]

Each forum account can support 3 login server accounts. One login server account is required per character. (i.e. if you want to create six characters, you will need to create 2 forum accounts, each with 3 loginserver accounts). Your loginserver account will be the username and password used to login to EverQuest.

5. Create a shortcut to EverQuest that DOES NOT USE THE EQLIVE PATCHER.[edit]

- Go to your EverQuest directory
- Find EQGame.exe
- Create a shortcut to EQGame.exe on your desktop (right click --> Send to --> Desktop (create shortcut)
- Right click on the newly created shortcut to EQGame.exe on your desktop
- Select "Properties"
- Look for "target" and add " patchme" after the text (with a space before the word patchme)
Example: "C:\EverQuest\eqgame.exe" patchme