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MacroHelp EQ Built-in Macros

Everquest Built-in Macro System[edit]

Repository for some useful macros using the built-in feature. While not as robust as MQ2, there is still plenty of functionality.

The Basics[edit]

I'll assume that everyone is familiar with creating a macro. If not, there are several resources available online. I found this one to be pretty comprehensive:

Zliz's Everquest Compendium

There are too many commands to list, so I've concentrated on some useful ones here. You can see a full list of commands in game with the /help command.

You can add up to 5 lines of commands per macro. One command per line except that /pause and /timer can be added to the same line as another command.

Combining /pause and /timer Commands[edit]

/pause and /timer are the only commands that can be added to the same line as another command. They must be added first and followed by a comma.

/pause 30, /cast 1

Useful Commands[edit]

/Pause <units> - Pause in between commands. 1 second == 10 units.
/Timer <units> - Set a visible reset timer for the macro. 1 second == 10 units
/UseItem - Click an item in your inventory. See link for detailed instructions.
/Cast - Cast a spell from a memorized slot.


Cuddly Bear of Mass Rage - Start a 5 minute timer after clicking. You can click for free as many times as you want during this 5 minutes. This example has the bear in the bottom right slot of the bottom right inventory bag.

/timer 3000, /useitem 32 9