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Getting Started

Welcome to Pro-Fusion[edit]

BEFORE logging into game please be sure that you have the most current spell_US file downloaded and placed into the correct directory.

<-- Step One -->

Once you log into game there are a few items you will need before venturing out to get your experience and EPICX loots.

From the vendor I would suggest purchasing the following :

  • Handmade Backpacks (Free)
  • Heros Stone(Charm) (Free)
  • Book of Knowledge (Portal to Plane of Knowledge) (Free)
  • Psalm of Health (Complete Heal clickie) (Free)
  • Shrinkinator (As it sounds) (Free)
  • Journey Man Boots (Free)

Any additional items will be nice add-ons but are not 100% required,

<-- Step Two -->

Once you have completed your purchases make your way to Confucius. He will offer you a chance to improve your SKILLS or learn some SPELLS.

<-- Step Three -->

Before leaving the nexus be sure to visit Mel Gibson as he will offer you your first task (1.0) which is completed in Crushbone. I would STRONGLY suggest new players pick this quest up.

<-- Step Four -->

Once you have done that feel free to make your way to Stephen Strange (teleporter), he has a suggestion of zones you may choose from, all zones offer the same loot tables for their level so it is completely up to you which zone you choose to tackle. You may also pick from a multitude of zones NOT on the recommended list. Just say the first letter to Stephen Strange and he will give you options.

Keep in mind we are small community so if you have questions feel free to ask in OOC, if you ever require assistance it never hurts to ask most individuals will assist you if they have the time to do so.

Note Worthy NPCs[edit]

Dwight Schrute (**AA Vendor**)

Dwight will offer up some nifty items as you start to gain excess AA Abilities, Keep in mind these should only be purchased out of necessity until you have maxxed out your AA rings (more on that to follow), Below is a list of SOME of the items purchasable from Dwight :

  • Cuddly Bear (Click him to make the bear ANGRY)- This item will aggro the ENTIRE zone that it was used in, forcing every mob/NPC to start charging your direction! **Use with Caution as this item can get a little pricey on uses** Upon using the bear you will have 1000 Plat removed from your inventory but will be free for the next 5 minutes, so make good use of those 5 minutes! For every consecutive use there after you you be charged in a scaling increment I.E your second click with cost 1100 Plat, 3rd 1200 plat and so on and so forth.

I would recommend a hotkey that will track your 5 minute timer so you can make the most use of this item. Below is a look at my hotkey using MQ2:

  1. Line 1 > /itemnotify ${FindItem[Cuddle Bear].InvSlot} rightmouseup
  2. Line 2 > /timer 3000

This hotkey will auto click bear from inventory and start a 5 minute timer on that hotkey. This is a macro for MQ2. For an example of how to do this using EQ's built-in macro system, see /useitem

  • Stephen Strange (**Personal Teleporter**) Take Dr. Strange wherever you endeavor to adventure and know the in the most HOLY CRAP moments Dr. Strange has your back. He possesses the ability to teleport you to any location you desire! (Dead Zones excluded) (600 AA) Unlimited Clicks
  • Stat Food - He will offer up some nice enhanced stat food and drink for your miraculous consumption! All of this can be yours for the low cost of 20 AA points per stack of 20.
  • Illusions - Among the things dwight offers up are unlimited click illusions, some include Gingerbread Man (my favorite) Clockwork Gnome, Firebone Skeleton and quite a few others!


Mercenaries are obtainable in Plane of Knowledge *** Pictures required**

You will need to pick up the Journeyman Rnk II Healer merc (tank mercs are somewhat buggy currently). You will be charged 18 Plat per 3 minutes of use as long as merc is up so make sure you are looting! :)

    • Pro-Tip, Hail your mercenary and it will give you the option to Buff and equip weapons. Make sure you tell him to equip weapons x2 to make sure he equips one in both hands. Also Buffs will scale as you level/progress through tiers (Like having the BuffBot with you at all times. You cannot buff while merc/self are in combat. So make sure you inspect buffs before large pulls!