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Astrial Weapon

Part One[edit]

Quest begins with Astrial Messenger found in the south wing of the Nexus. You will need 4 items for the initial quest. The items are not NO DROP.

  • Strongest Carapace- Shell of Lodizal (Looks like turtle shell) from Lodizal in Iceclad. Don't confuse this with Section of Lodizal's Shell. Not a guaranteed drop, so you may have to kill a few times.
  • Fire from the hottest forge- Everburning Flame Ground spawn behind King Tranix in Soldungb.
  • Piece of Living Rock- Beating Heart of Earth Drops from the Avatar of Earth in poearthb. This event is live so you must kill the 12 councilmen to spawn avatar of earth. Not a guaranteed drop, so you may have to kill a few times. The event is on a respawn timer of about 1 hour.
  • Piece of your soul in agony - you must die to the Avatar of Agony in Plane of Torment DO NOT DIE TO THE ADDS or you will not get credit! This mob has placeholders and the respawn is 30 minutes.

Turn in the 4 items to Astrial in order to Astrial Messenger! Hail him/her to make sure what item is required before turning in!

Part Two[edit]

Now the fun begins. The Astrial Messenger tells you to hand him: Dragon Sprit Core x 50, 1 Unfinished Weapon, 1 Combined Fallen Star, and 1 Astrial Mist

You will need the following:

Suggested Addtional Items 
Geerlok Gem Setter - Comes from Tinkering and adds +5% mod to Jewelrycrafting (15 point max). Helpful when combining Fallen Stars.

Making the unfinished weapon[edit]

  • First -You will need to purchase a mold from a hermit in southkarana to do so you will need 2000 AA Points (NOT TOKENS) and roughly 100,000 Platinum (Unsure at this time if price changes based on type of weapon). You will need to hail him repeatedly until he talks to you.
  • Second- You will need (3) celestial Ingots, (1) hermits lost anvil, (1) Ancient Runes, (1) hermits lost chisel, (1) Hermits lost forging hammer, (1) Elemental Infused Elixer and (1) celestial Temper.
  • Third- You will need to take the 9 items (Listed above) and the Mold of your choice (Listed Above) and go to 10 slot forge in PoKnowledge. Reminder DO NOT STACK THE CELESTIAL INGOTS INSIDE OF FORGE!
  • Fourth- Combine all items inside of forge (Unknown at this time if there is a failure rate to this, it would be safe to assume that there is, so may purchase a blacksmithing modifier item or craft one via Tinkering). (Update 7/16 - This combine seems to be 0 Trivial, so should be no-fail).
  • You should have completed or failed the combine of whatever mold you picked. Your weapon should have Hollow in name will look like junk, DO NOT DESTROY!

Making the Dragon Spirit Cores[edit]

  • You will need to combine (2) Minor Dragon Spirit inside of an Alchemy Bag.
  • To make Dragon Sprit Cores you will need a shaman with max alchemy and Tinkering tool to increase skill to 315, this seems to actually affect the failure rate. You will need to Experiment on the first combine to learn the recipe. After that you can simply combine and auto inventory item.

Making the Combined Star[edit]

Pickup a tinkering tool to increase Jewerly Crafting by 15 points as this will be your most expensive failure.
  • To combine the Fallen stars you will need to pick up a "Planar Jewelry Kit" (6) Slots. Put 6 Fallen Stars (Unstacked) in Planer Jewerly Kit and Combine them.

Astrial Mist[edit]

  • This is a global drop seems exceptionally rare. Good luck!

The Turn In[edit]

The Astrial Messenger says he wants 50 x Dragon Sprit Cores, but if you turn in a stack of 50 you will lose them (I learned this the hard way). What he really wants is a Completed Dargon Spirit Core. Hand him the Dragon Spirit Cores 1-by-1 until you have given him 50. Then you can hail him and he'll give you the completed core. You can also hail him and he'll auto import all cores from your inventory at once.

Hand in all 4 items (Completed Dargon Spirit Core, 1 Unfinished Weapon, 1 Combined Fallen Star, and 1 Astrial Mist) to receive your weapon.

Final Weapon[edit]

There are several variants of the weapon available. The weapon you get depends on the mold you buy from the hermit.

Marvelous Astrial Blade - 1HS
Marvelous Astrial Bow - Ranged
Marvelous Astrial Dagger - Piercing
Marvelous Astrial Great Axe - 2HS
Marvelous Astrial Great Staff - 2HB
Marvelous Astrial Knuckles - Martial
Marvelous Astrial Mace - 1HB
Marvelous Astrial Spear - 2H Piercing
Marvelous Astrial Wand - 1HB