Protect the Fishermen


  • Task Type: Quest
  • Minimum Level: 15
  • Maximum Level: 30
  • Repeatable: No
  • Quest Reward(s):
    • Money: 176p 1g 7s 3c


  1. Very quickly, you need to speak with Brettaru Tyco, to let them know you're the Red Beetle. Your contact will know what it means.
  2. Your contact was impressed that you kept your wits about you and didn't give away your cover. Now, as to why you're here. Your code name is Red Beetle and you've been assigned to explore the fishing settlement near the southern waterfall. This is a very dangerous place where reports suggest there is a rebellion forming. You must go there and determine whether or not this is true.
  3. It looks like the insurgents are forming quickly, Red Beetle. It's up to you to take the raven to the raven's nest and kill 10 gorge hounds, Only after that will you be able to retire from this life of subterfuge. Good Luck