The Cabilisian Trade Route


  • Task Type: Quest
  • Minimum Level: 10
  • Maximum Level: 15
  • Repeatable: Yes
  • Quest Reward(s):


  • The Iksar of Cabilis live in a ruined city on their forsaken continent of Kunark. I'd be inclined to simply leave them there but unfortunately they have a monopoly on several rare resources. Although I'm not welcome in their city, several of my iksar contacts are able to ferry out goods to my associates.

    But now we have a new problem. The iksar bandits outside the city have begun to waylay my caravans and cut substantially into my profit margin. The Cabilis guards won't do anything about it because I'm not even supposed to be there. So I need you to clear the way.

    Meet Karunku Trogue, my caravan leader in the Field of Bone. She should have more information for you on the bandits' location.