Find the Ore


  • Task Type: Quest
  • Minimum Level: 40
  • Repeatable: No
  • Quest Reward(s):
    • Money: 176p 1g 7s 3c
    • Experience: 1,300,000


  1. Good, you've finally made it. You have been chosen as part of an elite expeditionary force that is going to be heading into the unknown. Your ultimate objective is to rid the areas you visit of hostiles, for a possible increase in the number of homes, farms and livestock those areas. To get started, make your way out and kill 10 subverted miners. Make sure you loot 4 Pristine Ore Sample. and keep a hold of them, they may be needed later on. You'll be notified of your next objective when you're done.
  2. Good, you found those beasts and destroyed them. They would have only have slowed you down otherwise. While you're out in that area, it may be worthwhile for you to explore the luggald cave entrance along the northern harbor wall. There's no telling what may be there, but it is a possible housing location, so get a move on!
  3. Hostilies are all over the place! You've got to kill 10 shrine bruisers, at once! They cannot be allowed to get past your defenses! Hurry!
  4. That was almost too close. Now that you have a break in your busy schedule, why not take those samples you collected earlier and deliver 4 Pristine Ore Sample to Calambra. They'll be expecting your arrival.
  5. You realize you're one of the premier expeditionary forces, correct? You're the one that's got to make the tough choice and visit the most dangerous areas, like this next one. You're going to explore the lighthouse on the docks, but be cautious, because there's no telling what kinds of monsters are lying in wait.
  6. It's about time you finished up. Go speak with Dellhuea, to get your compensation, You look like you could use a rest after this.