Gathering Skin


  • Task Type: Quest
  • Minimum Level: 30
  • Repeatable: No
  • Quest Reward(s):
    • Money: 54p 1g 2s 3c
    • Experience: 666,000


  1. Long ago, a wise man once said that the power of the mind can destroy even the tallest giant. Whether or not that's true, you're going to visit a pupil of that wise man to learn more about the ways of the world. Make haste to speak with Calambra. When you arrive, you will find that there is more to life than the absent pursuit of wealth.
  2. The old wise man's words carried his students through the roughest wars and the coldest winters. It taught them a sense of discipline and restraint they had never known existed. But his teachings also pushed them to fight back when the forces of power tried to annihilate the weak. Now it's your turn to take the fight to those forces once again. Use the teachings of the old man's pupil and kill 10 vicious skeletons.
  3. What was once thought to be the end of conflicts merely brought more to the table. As it was before, you must continue to defeat the threat of tyranny and kill 10 emaciated zombies. They must not be allowed to take control over these lands and it is up to you to stop them. They're protecting their wealth, so take it from them by loot 4 Zombie Skin. Time is of the essence young student.
  4. You have reached a peak in your learning. At the very least, you have learned what it is to be a learned student. You have come a long way in a short time and there is indeed a future for you if you continue along the path of enlightenment. For now, deliver 4 Zombie Skin to Dellthuea, for they are behind some of the tyranny that brews in the world. You now have the power to end it.