The Frozen Crystal


  • Task Type: Quest
  • Repeatable: Yes
  • Quest Reward(s):


  1. Buried in the frigid peaks of Everfrost lies a dangerous place by the name of Permafrost Keep. It is tended by all manner of goblins that seem to thrive despite the chilling temperatures. A jeweler by the name of Audri Deepfacet claims to have found a special crystal there. No one has been able to verify her story, and she failed to bring back a sample. We believe that it may have some special power, providing it exists of course.

    Travel to Everfrost and find the secret back entrance to Permafrost Keep. The front way is guarded by vast ice giants and may be impassible.
  2. Slay any goblins that get in your way, and find the Permafrost Crystal!
  3. Bring the crystal to Audri Deepfacet in the Plane of Knowledge.