Scouting Blackburrow



  1. Scouts on patrol in the Qeynos Hills have been reporting an increase in aggressive gnoll activity. It seems that an unusual number of guardsmen have been seen roving through Blackburrow, as if they are gearing up for some sort of attack. Take the portal to Qeynos and venture to Blackburrow to investigate.
  2. Find a way to thin the ranks of guardsmen. If they are planning something, we will need them to be as weakened as possible.
  3. Check passages leading out into Everfrost for any further clues to the objectives of the gnolls. If they are heading into Halas, we may have time to warn them.
  4. It seems that our scouts managed to alert us before the gnolls were fully prepared. Excellent work! Return to Castlen Drewe in the Plane of Knowledge.