Spell: Aura of Purpose Rk. II


Classes Cleric (72)
When cast on youYour thoughts quicken as purpose fills your mind.
When cast on other is quickened by the blessing of purpose.
When fadingYour thoughts slow.
Casting time8 sec
Recovery time1.5 sec
Recast time1.5 sec
Timer ID0
TargetGroup Teleport
Resist (adjust: 0)
Duration45 min (450 ticks)

Spell Effects

    1 : Effect type (127): Increase Spell Haste by 10%
    2 : Effect type (134): Limit: Max Level (75)
    3 : Effect type (139): Limit: Spell(Complete Heal)
    4 : Effect type (143): Limit: Min Casting Time (3 sec)
    5 : Effect type (137): Limit: Effect(Hitpoints allowed)
    6 : Effect type (311): Limit: Combat Skills Not Allowed

Items with spell