Spell: Avatar


Classes Shaman (60)
When others cast summons power.
When cast on youYour body screams with the power of an Avatar.
When cast on other has been infused with the power of an Avatar.
When fadingThe Avatar departs.
Casting time3 sec
Recovery time1.5 sec
Recast time180 sec
Timer ID3
TargetSingle Target
Resist (adjust: 0)
Duration6 min (60 ticks)
Needed reagent 1Emerald (1)

Spell Effects

        3 : Effect type (2): In/Decrease ATK by 100
          5 : Effect type (6): Increase AGI by 100
          6 : Effect type (4): Increase STR by 100
          7 : Effect type (5): Increase DEX by 100

Items with spell