Celent Newmist

Name Celent Newmist (Wizard Spells)
Level 40
Race High Elf
Class Merchant
Health 3,250
Damage 32 to 124
Attack Speed91%
Special attacks
Main faction Merchants of Felwithe
This NPC sells

  • Spell: Frost Bolt (2s)
  • Spell: Blast of Cold (2s)
  • Spell: Sphere of Light (2s)
  • Spell: Numbing Cold (2s)
  • Spell: Fade (2s 2c)
  • Spell: Shock of Fire (2s 4c)
  • Spell: Icestrike (3s 4c)
  • Spell: O`Keil's Radiation (2s)
  • Spell: Shadow Step (2s 8c)
  • Spell: Fingers of Fire (2s 8c)
  • Spell: Column of Frost (5s 5c)
  • Spell: Fire Bolt (2s 8c)
  • Spell: Shock of Ice (5s 5c)
  • NPC Spawns