Zeflmin Werlikanin

Name Zeflmin Werlikanin (Portal Crystals)
Level 50
Race Gnome
Class Merchant
Health 3,750
Damage 74 to 204
Attack Speed85%
Special attacks
Main faction
This NPC sells

  • Fuligan Soulstone of Innoruuk (25p)
  • Cloudy Stone of Veeshan (35p)
  • Dragonscale Faycite (125p)
  • Karana Plains Pebble (10p)
  • Grassy Pebble of The Commonlands (10p)
  • Lavastorm Magma (20p)
  • Opal of Toxxulia (10p)
  • Forest Emerald of Faydark (10p)
  • Shattered Bone of the Dreadlands (30p)
  • Frozen Shard of Iceclad (30p)
  • Velium Shard of Cobalt Scar (50p)
  • Shadowed Sand of the Twilight Sea (40p)
  • Moss Agate of Stonebrunt (30p)
  • Chipped Shard of Slaughter (50p)
  • Etched Marble of Barindu (50p)
  • Undershore Coral (35p)
  • Arcstone Spirit Sapphire (75p)
  • Goru'kar Mesa Sandstone (75p)
  • Splinter from a Guild Standard (125p)
  • Katta Castrum Powerstone (90p)
  • Broken Timestone (100p)
  • Unrefined Brellium Ore (150p)
  • NPC Spawns

    Killing this NPC lowers factions with

    • Deepwater Knights ()
    • Heretics ()

      Killing this NPC raises factions with